Quick Poll, is this the face of a SJW?

Luke and I are officially SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS! What’s awesome about the 1-Star (of 5 Stars) review below is that RedJaguar was triggered by our FICTIONAL Sci-Fi novel. That means the story has impact!!!

“Nothing but another dose of SJW crap”

If the storyline wasn’t about shoving social justice — and incorrect history of the US.The “history” used is not true history, it is the SJW rewrite of history.. I tried to get to the end.. got to an hour left, and that was it.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. Based on the description, it looked to me like a book about capitalism being suppressed, a dysfunctional society emerges, then capitalism prevails. The society the book is espousing is not a society that will or can work, yet the author(s) push it like it is, and it’s a fair society.. without pointing out any flaws…